Class Reveal is a web app that facilitates the synchronization and sharing of schedules between WW-P students. It was created to help students discover their class rosters prior to the start of school.
Class Reveal utilizes the schedule data from students to collate and render a class view that helps students discover who's in their classes.
Class Reveal was originally created by Elizabeth Petrov and Xavier Lu in 2016-2017. It has been maintained in the past by Bharath Hegde, Peter Wu, Spencer Hua, and Serena Chang. This years site has been renovated and constructed by Daniel Wang, Rahul Shah, Akash Bobba, and Krish Thawani. The custodians for 2020-2021 are TBA...
Class Reveal was designed and constructed to be used to find friends and classmates in your classes. In order to ensure that it is being used for this purpose, and to mitigate the strain of simultaneous database queries we have implemented rate limiting to prevent misuse of the platform. If you have been rate limited please wait for the restriction to expire.
For more information or questions contact us at [email protected]. For complaints select the button below.